About Us (Cont.)

Product Innovation

It’s what sets Hy-Ko apart from all others.

Hy-Ko is committed to the development of new items and the redefinition of existing products. For example, in the Numbers, Letters and Signs product category, our sharpsales.com program provides consumers with a logical Internet tie-in to signs they purchase through our retail partners. Whether it's listing cars and trucks, or houses and condos, sharpsales.com is the ideal place for buyers to meet sellers.

In the Key and Key Accessory product categories, the company holds the licensing rights to use the logos of the major car manufacturers as well as the Looney Tunes and Scooby Doo comic characters.

And in 2003, Hy-Ko began producing a designed-from-scratch key cutting machine with unique features not seen before in the marketplace.

New Company/Manufacturing Headquarters

Hy-Ko grows into a larger state-of-the-art facility.

In 2004, Hy-Ko moved into a modern, custom-built facility on 23 acres in Northfield, Ohio, a southeast suburb of Cleveland. Increased manufacturing and warehousing requirements to serve new and existing customers with the company’s expanding product lines dictated the relocation to the new, 50% larger building. The new architecturally-designed structure can be easily expanded to accommodate future growth.

Within, the company installed the latest manufacturing equipment and streamlined processes to increase efficiencies and ensure quality control.

The total capital investment in the new administration/manufacturing/inventory headquarters is significant, attesting to the company’s financial strength and confidence in its continued growth.

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