Hy-Ko Online Resources

Hy-Ko offers a variety of online resources to give you the latest information on key services, and offers more profit opportunities from our ever-expanding "Sell-it-Yourself" online sign programs than anyone else in the sign business.

Check out the following websites to see all the "Value-Added Benefits" that we offer by:

  • Combining the traditionally successful "FOR SALE" signs with the power of the Internet.
  • Building your store's image of providing "EXTRA VALUE" to your customers.
  • Increasing sales in your sign category.
  • Offering the latest information 24/7 to you and your customers.

hykokeys.com –Key information is at your fingertips at hykokeys.com. The latest key updates, merchandising information, technical manuals, and even an online key finder are available 24 hours a day.

sharpcar.com – Over 70,000 consumers have registered for this service that puts auto buyers together with sellers. When your customers buy an “AUTO FOR SALE” sign, they may list their vehicles for sale on www.sharpcar.com.

sharpsales.com – The website portal that guides customers to Hy-Ko's specific websites to buy or sell homes or vehicles.

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